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The objective of Training Program is to provide a comprehensive learning platform to students wherein they can enhance their employability skills and become job ready along with real corporate exposure.

• It helps engineering students to enhance their Practical Knowledge about the subject.
• It nurtures students' Employability Skills, helps in reducing the Skill Gap & makes students Job Ready.
• It provides real Corporate Exposure & increases the future Job Prospects.

Training Program (ELTP)

The Entry Level Training Program acts as a vital support to companies, as it shoulders the responsibility of grooming new recruits into project-ready professionals for immediate deployment on projects.

Fresher (Entry Level) Training Program (ELTP) is designed by Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from Makeb in collaboration with Technical Experts of the client company. The assignments and complexities of the training is decided based on project specific requirements and inputs from the client.

This program ensures that the participating candidates become readily billable & deployable resources.

Participant's profile Fresher: Graduate or post-graduate,(CS, IT,ENTC and other branches)
Typical Duration 30 to 45 days
Expected outcomes Sound fundamentals of programming/testing/System Administration,
Knowledge of basic set of tools and languages,
Knowledge of applying technology to solve a problem based on case studies
Course Contents Generally designed by the joint team of Subject Matter Expert .

List of courses
Following are the modules covered as part of this type of training. All of these modules can be customized to the extent desired in the context of project requirements.

Fundamentals C programming, SQL, DBMS concepts, Unix basics.
Java Java, JDBC, Servlet/JSP, EJB
PHP basics, Framework, Codeignitor
Software Testing Software testing concepts

Our training results are

Enhanced knowledge



We bring the best training convenience and results with

Customization options – Modifying existing courses, blending delivery methods, custom-designing courseware, coaching and mentoring on technologies and tools, consulting for new technology assimilation to address client-specific situation and challenges
Flexible approach – Client site offerings for all courses
Wide range of offerings – Information Technology, Project Management, General Management and Management development programs
Quality instructors – Certified technical instructors, with real-world experience working in multi-technology, multi-vendor, multi-network environments
Comprehensive Course/ study material – Easy to understand and comprehend study material and practical assignments