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Our Team

Our team of specialists is something, what makes us extremely proud and self-confident. We have assembled a team of professionals that come from a wide range of all related backgrounds, including underwriting, risk management, as well as businesses management, to provide expert knowledge in every line of insurance for every line of industry.

Our professional staff has a broad range of backgrounds, formal education and streetwise experience that helps us bring a distinctive approach to the tasks of establishing an appropriate positioning strategy then creating and forwarding continuous, seamless communications strategies and pro-active awareness campaigns for our public-company clients.

Our senior-level professionals have been involved in Client and Job seeker relations, marketing communications, media relations, public relations, and other related disciplines for a major portion of their careers. Taking full advantage of this diversity of backgrounds and experience our staff of professionals has established a track record of successfully organizing financial conferences; conducting opinion surveys of fund managers and analysts; setting up and conducting non-deal road trips all over India generating meaningful coverage in the business and financial media including print, broadcast, wire service, Internet and a range of new media outlets; and consistently delivering significant value to our clients.